Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunts at The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 7th June 2014

Simply Ghost Nights returned to the Sheffield Fire & Police Museum for another ghost hunting event at this eerie building. Over the years we have witnessed some fantastic paranormal activity with glasses been thrown with no one near the glass, doors slamming, and brilliant table tipping results, with this in mind would the Fire & Police museum produce as much activity again, well in a nutshell yes, some of the activity our ghost hunters heard and felt on a personal level stunned a lot of our guests. With a full house of ghost hunters eagerly awaiting the opportunity to ghost hunt at the old Fire & Police Museum it was time to see if the ghostly residents would entertain our ghost hunters by communicating with them. In the cells with Rosey, Danni and Vee a group of ghost hunters felt uncomfortable and scared with sally a ghost hunting regular having to leave the area due to how uneasy the area made her. In the same area with another group of ghost hunters Stuart and Nigel both spoke how the group had a brilliant table rapping and tipping experience with the table moving in turn to each ghost hunter on request and also some of group reported smelling whiskey although no one had had a drink in the group. Lesley also spoke of how in the cells during a table experiment the table kept moving to the doorway to get the group out of the cells and some of the group mentioned they could smell whiskey in the cell, this was in the same cell area that Stuart and Nigel's group had spoken about smelling whiskey. Could this have been one of the ghostly residents making their presence known to the ghost hunters by the smell of stale whiskey to two separate groups? Vee mentioned that on the middle floor a guest went off and did lone vigil and stated that they kept getting cold spots although there was no noticeable draughts in the area. Vee also commented that the group also heard taps in the room while doing a séance and while using the Ovilus they all heard from it 'fire accident pain'. Both Rosey and Lesley spoke in detail that they had witnessed brilliant table tipping on the top floor and also guests reported hearing heavy breathing behind them and when turning around no one was there. Some guests also spoke of been touched. With so many haunted experiences reported The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum certainly did not fail to disappoint our brave ghost hunters.