Halloween Ghost Hunting Event At Cusworth Hall With Simply Ghost Nights

This was Simply Ghost Nights third visit to this beautiful building in Doncaster, the team have always said that Cusworth Hall was one of their favourites, and with the added bonus of the event been a Halloween special this would make the night more remarkable.   Once again Phil, and Craig helped immensely in the running of the event and are surely a credit to Cusworth hall, they had prepared chairs in all the necessary vigil rooms, and helped above and beyond their duty, and we thank them for that.   After our previous events at Cusworth hall would the spirit residents come out to play and entertain our ghost hunters who for the majority had encapsulated the Halloween event by coming as witches, ghouls, and even the grim reaper made an appearance but fortunately the grim reaper left us all alone for now.   After the introduction and a short break we begun the ghost event with added gusto, the energies were high and our ghost hunters were so excited to be in such an esteemed location, however the time had come to attempt spirit communication.   Rosey and a group of ghost hunters were shocked when Holly squealed that she had felt something tap her on the leg, the group looked and found what looked like a small rolled ball of paper on the floor right beside Holly, the group decided to get straight back to the investigation and were stunned when they all heard a noise again, Rosey asked someone to turn on the torch to see that a piece of paper has indeed hit her arm the most astonishing thing was that the group were all holding hands in a circle, did a ghostly tenant of Cusworth Hall want to get the attention of the group because if they did, it certainly worked as Rosey mentioned later the fact that the paper was intrinsically screwed up so small and that the paper must have been deliberately aimed at the group made it all the more thought provoking. As the group all claimed later that they had all being holding hands, so that no one could have thrown the paper themselves.   In another vigil in the main room adjoining the school room, Mel and a group of ghost hunters were calling out for the ghostly residents of Cusworth hall to make the child's rocking horse move, Mel said that the rocking horse did not move, however as the group were about to leave the room the rocking horse moved to and fro to the astonishment of the group.   In the atmospheric hearse room Stuart explained how the table begun to tip with the brave ghost hunters fingers slightly touching the table, this was the first instance that Allison, Kerry, Nicola and Becky had seen such a sight, as it had them all opened mouthed as the table begun to turn in a circle. Also the table would go to each ghost hunter on request as though chasing them around the room to the pleasure of the group.   It was also in the hearse room that Stuart recorded an array of K2 interference, with the lights going all the way up to red on request. The group were calling out for the spirits to go to the green light on the K2 and they obliged to the excitement of the group, spiking the green light to go to red on may occasions.   In the hearse room with Mark and Philip the spirit of Mary came through on the ouija board and communicated at great length about her time at Cusworth hall before she passed over to spirit, Mark commented as this had the group mesmerised by the poignant answers they were receiving to their questions.   Another group were stunned when using the automatic writer after communicating with a spirit called Charles, they found on the paper the letter C this indicated the initial of C in Charles. Tom was holding a ouija board experiment in the far side of the Hall, when the glass begun to move to the amazement of Sarah, Jo, Linda and Jane.   Tom also mentioned some fluctuations with the sound enhancer when conducting a table tapping experiment as well. As the event came to an end the guests and the Simply Ghost Nights team all spoke at length and all agreed that it had been a very active night to say the least. As we said our sad goodbyes to everyone, it was left to Mark and Tom when discussing the events of the night, that they could not wait for our return for our Christmas Spooktacular with Most Haunted's Chris Conway on the 17 th of December.