Halloween Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At RiponWorkhouse Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 25th October 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights sixth visit to the Ripon Workhouse Museum and this location is fast becoming a ghost hunter's favourite, with its rich mixture of history and feelings of sadness and depths of despair for some of its former inhabitants and the home it would have been for many residents of the area as they fell on hard times for whatever reason in years gone by. You have to imagine the heartbreaking decision of the poor creatures that had sank as low as they could have financially and socially to have contemplated knocking on the poor house doors to have a roof and food in their bellies. It is these former residents and the people who worked at the Workhouse that we hope to communicate with on our paranormal investigation. We were once again joined by our good friend TV medium Chris Conway. After a brief introduction to our brave ghost hunters who had joined us at Ripon Workhouse Museum it was time to investigate the depths of the celestial world of the Ripon Workhouse museum. In a vigil with Lesley and Jez in the nurses rooms a group of ghost chasers witnessed table tipping onto two legs, Lesley also stated that they also heard taps on the table for yes and no with respect to the questions that the group asked. The group made contact with a spirit called Stan via the Ouija board and also when using the Franks box said everyone's name at least once who was sat around the table. On the top floor of the Workhouse Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium and a group of ghost hunters were calling out for spirit interaction when the K2 inexplicably began to spike from the green light to red at about the same time a loud bang was heard from around one of the fireplaces where five minutes Stuart had said there was a well dressed spirit gentleman waswatching the group, Stuart had said that this man was more than likely a former guardian or overseer of the workhouse. It was then decided to attempt a table tipping experiment in the room, to the groups' shock the table began tipping and rocking In another vigil with Lesley and Jez a group of ghost hunters picked up on a former resident Nora who took a shine to one of male guests and a male spirit called Bernard who liked one of the guests who reminded him of Nora, his wife. Bernard claimed via the Ouija board that he was 36 when he passed in 1845. Bernard also stated that he had a girl aged 2 Annie and a boy of 3 called Zachery who passed there too. In a vigil in the bedroom area with Stuart one ghost hunter claimed to have felt the icy hands of a spirit touch her face and also in one of the many bedrooms two ghost hunters spoke of how the K2 spiked almost on command to their questions. Stuart also mentioned that in the main hub a group of ghost hunters experienced the table tipping onto one leg with only their finger tips touching the the edge of the table. The table also moved to each participant in turn and on request to the groups squeals of delight. Once again we had been beaten by the sands of time and yet again the spirits of the Ripon Workhouse had entertained and interacted with our ghost hunters.