Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Gressenhall Workhouse Museum, 1st October 2016

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ever visit to Gressenhall Workhouse Museum and what a first ever investigation it was and the spirits certainly knew how to interact with our guests, on this ghost hunting event at Gressenhall Workhouse Museum.

In the boardroom Jez described how the table moved on to two legs and literally moved about the room with only the guests having their finger tips on the table. Jez continued that at one point it seemed as though the table moved with no one touching it. However in this vigil Jez said that the word poltergeist appeared on the Ovilus and at the same time a loud bang was clearly heard from one of the nearby exhibits in the museum. This incident literally freaked some of the guests to their toes.

This same incident of the exhibit getting banged by the spirit world also occurred in a vigil with Sue and Cassie, in exactly the same place as well.

Sue and Cassie noted that in the church a number of guests using the divination rods made spirit contact and that when the remainder of the group had an amazing time on the table using the glass to communicate with a female spirit called Jenny.

Rosey and Lesley mentioned an amazing table tipping experiment in the school room where the table tipped up on to two legs with each participant only their having finger tips on the table. Rosey also added that the sound of a female going mmmm was heard from a number of guests as well.

Stuart spoke of a vigil in the boardroom where a group made spirit contact with a male spirit called Archie who spoke of his time at the Workhouse, and one of the guests using the hearing enhances said he could hear tapping from within the walls of the room. Stuart also mentioned that when using the spirit box in the room the name Archie was heard and the names of some of the guests was also heard back as well.

Guests also experienced spirit box communication in the laundry and table tipping in the laundry as well, the house and shop also proved successful in spirit contact too.