When The Lights Went Out, The Black Monk Of Pontefract

Simply Ghost Nights were so thrilled to be invited to the premier screening of When the Lights Went Out which is a paranormal treat based on the true story of the Black Monk of Pontefract, (also referred to as The Pontefract Poltergeist). What was even more intriguing was the fact we were going to be watching this premier in the very house the film is based on! The story is set in Yorkshire in 1974, when The Maynard Family (changed from Pritchard), Len (Steve Waddington), Jenny (Kate Ashfield) and their daughter Sally (Tasha Connor), 30 East Drive Chequerfield Estate in move into their new family home, only to discover that the house already inhabited by a "presence" of a malign nature. The film also stars Martin Compston and Jo Hartley. The film had its world premiere in Rotterdam. When we arrived at 30 East Drive Chequerfield Estate in Pontefract, it was a very nice atmosphere amongst all the other guests also invited, including Most Haunted's Chris Conway and Richard Felix, journalists, mediums, historians and paranormal investigators. After a brief time the talented young actress who plays the daughter Sally (Tasha Connor), in the move also joined us. Everyone was buzzing with excitement at the very fact we had been invited to such a fantastic event. After the initial walk around of the house and getting to know each other we all sat down to watch the movie. It was a little cramped but this did not dampen the mood in the room. Everyone watched in complete silence as the movie got in full throttle. There were many parts of the movie where everyone in the room jumped. After movie ended we all had a quick Q/A session with Tasha who went on to tell us "I had no idea it was a true story whilst filming it, and being here in the very house makes it feel even more scary" She also went on to tell us how she had to overcome bullying and much more throughout her time filming this movie, in fact she actually had to show up for one scene scouting a black eye! After the Q/A session the next door neighbours invited us all around to their house as they wanted to tell us some of the things that they had been experiencing over the years. They went on to tell us when they were having work carried out on the house a few years ago they discovered a well in their living room. They believe this backs up the theory that there was indeed once another building close by which could date back to the tales of old of an old monastery on the land. Simply Ghost Nights and Chris Conway decided this was a good time to start their own little investigation of the upstairs whilst everyone else was downstairs. Neither Chris nor Stuart was picking up on anything negative in the house. In fact throughout the whole night only one other medium sensed a negative energy in the building. After what felt like a whole night Simply Ghost Nights and good friend Chris Conway decided to leave as it was simply too busy to have a serious investigation. We would like to thank the production company and all involved in the night for inviting us and making it a special night.