Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Whittington Castle, With Simply Ghost Nights

Simply Ghost Nights made the long trek to the Welsh borders to go a ghost hunting at Whittington Castle to investigate this 800 year old castle. With sightings of many spirits from that of a blacksmith to the spirits of children been spotted on the grounds of the Castle. A ghost hunt at Whittington Castle for the Simply Ghost Nights team was one we were excited to attempt spirit communication.

In the Gatehouse tower Mark and Phil described some excellent tapping on the table and how one guest had described the figure of a small child peering at them and then suddenly not been there to the guests dismay.

Rosey reported excellent glass and table tipping in the shop area and at one point the table actually moved with no ones hands on the table to the amazement of all the guests seated around the table. K2 spikes were also recorded as well the REM pods going off on what seemed on request.