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The Former Funeral Parlour Hull

Ghost Hunt @ The Old Funeral Parlour, in Hull

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The Annison building has the look of the Amityville House of Horrors, so hopefully we will find strange and wonderful things there, Simply Ghost Nights are thrilled to be able to bring this location to our database.

In The Stables with Rosey R.E.M pod strangely kept going off in the coffin that was in the stables, however when placed next to the coffin nothing happened and then it was placed in the coffin again the R.E.M pod went off again. Also in this vigil the table was moving slightly when the guests were participating in a Victorian séance and then a guest said she saw a shadow dart across bottom of room and the R.EM pod went off again.
In the downstairs room Mark, Lisa, Sarah and Phil mentioned a vigil where a group of ghost hunters were using a Franks box where a number of guests heard their names spoken back to them via the Franks box.
Stuart and Jez described a vigil in The Stables where a group heard tapping on the table on request and two guests saw a mystery light from one of the stables move across the building and then disappear as well as the chains clanking and heavy booted footsteps which is what Lesley eluded to in a vigil in the same area too.

The Old Annison building is reputedly said to be the most haunted building in Hull with a colourful past the building used to house the City of Hull Mounted Police before becoming a funeral parlour. The upstairs of the former funeral parlour includes the embalming room and mortuary all intact as they were when it closed over 30 years ago. Although the ground floor is now occupied by the Late Night Pharmacy who's staff say they are too terrified to venture upstairs alone.

Staff have informed us that they feel nervous when alone upstairs in the old funeral parlour and many are too frightened to go upsatairs alone. With reported poltergeist activity and incarnate voices been heard the Annison building is not for the feint hearted.

It was said to be the last place the victim of an infamous Victorian murder was seen alive. Dubbed Hull's most haunted place, the Annison building at the junction of Witham and Great Union Street was also the home of a funeral parlour for more than 100 years.

The building was reputed to be the last place tragic Mary Jane Langley was seen alive before her throat was slit in 1891 and her killer has never been found and the murder of Mary Jane is one of Hull's greatest unsolved mysteries and her forlorn body was found dead in a ditch in Long Lane, Preston on July 30, 1891. It was said that a bungled  police investigation led to a line-up of infamous suspects including champion boxer John Rennard but no one was ever charged and the murder still remains one of Hull's great unexplained mysteries.

Another main suspect in the Mary Jane murder case was a certain Frederick Bailey Deeming, a monstrous and heinous serial criminal and murderer who had already murdered his first wife and four children before burying them under the floorboards of his house in Merseyside. Deeming who was serving time under one of his forty aliases in Hull jail was coincedentally released shortly before Mary Jane's murder.

With a macabre history the former funeral parlour is a must for any brave ghost hunter.

Where & When

Sat 22 Oct, 21:00 Until 02:00

The Former Funeral Parlour Hull

Annisons Building Chemist,
124-127 Witham,
East Yorkshire & Humberside,
HU9 1AT.