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Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse

Ghost Hunting Event @ Gressenhall Workhouse

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In 1776 the combined parishes of Mitford and Launditch bought Chapel Farm at Gressenhall to build a ‘house of industry’ for the poor. The building was completed in 1777.

In 1834 the Poor Law Amendment Act led to the transformation of the house of industry into a workhouse. The aim was to keep costs low by making life for the paupers so unpleasant that people would do everything they could to avoid having to live there.

A new system of classification separated men, women and children. Work included breaking stones, pumping water, carting gravel and oakum picking for men and domestic chores in the kitchens, laundry and female wards for women. The only benefits were the health care and education.

The workhouse closed in 1948. After a short period of time as a home for the elderly, Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse opened as a museum in 1976 and includes a church, schoolhouse, Dungeon, and many more buildings.
Part of the land is enclosed as a burial ground. There are many reports of a strange wailing, moaning noises echoing through the corridors at night which seem to come from the notoriously spooky punishment cell.

No one knows for sure who or what is responsible for these chilling sounds, although many believe the most likely explanation is the ghost of 12-year-old Harriet Kettle, haunting the workhouse at night.

Why do they think it’s her? Because those who know about Gressenhall tend to know about her; she was infamous for spending time in the cell.

Harriet grew up in the workhouse because she didn’t have a thing to call her own in the world. It adds a real touch of sorrow to the legend of her haunting.

There are countless records of Harriet getting into trouble as young as 12, destroying food and property, purposefully disobeying the Master or guardians, setting her bed on fire and using violent language, often resulting in some hard time spent in the punishment cell.

Other activity reported are feelings of uneasiness, whispering heard from empty rooms, cold spots, shadows and much more.

Where & When

Sat 09 Oct, 20:00 Until 01:30

Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse

Gressenhall ,
Dereham, Norfolk ,
Dareham, Norfolk,
NR20 4DR.