Ghost hunts and Overnight Ghost Hunting and ghost hunting events at some fantastic haunted Venues such as, Woodchester Mansion, Armley Mills, ghost hunting at Ryecroft Hall, Stanley Palace, St. Briavels Castle, Galleries of Justice, ghost hunts at Ripon Workhouse Museum, Bolling Hall, Tettenhall Towers, Alton Towers and many more...

Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Simply Ghost Nights

Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Main Block

Join Simply Ghost Nights as we go to the Main Block on a ghost hunting event, where you can investigate the Master's study, dining room, the pantry, classrooms where the children studied and orphans, inmates dining hall, inmates sleeping quarters and many more areas on a ghost hunt. The Workhouse catered for Orphans, the infirm and the homeless as well as many unfortunate souls who had fallen on hard times.

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Ghost Hunting @ Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse With simply Ghost Nights
Dareham, Norfolk

Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse

With a history dating back to 1777 Gressenhall Workhouse has so many different areas to take part in a ghost hunting event, the dungeon, the old chapel, the great hall to ghost hunt in the school room, you can also ghost hunt in the boardroom and many more areas to attempt spirit communication at the Gressenhall Workhouse.

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Ghost Hunting Event At Mill Street Barracks with Simply Ghost Nights
St. Helens

Mill Street Barracks

Join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting adventure at The Mill Street Barracks in search of ghostly apparitions of lost soldiers have been spotted walking in the building and poltergeist activity has been reported and ghostly figures of nurses and nuns have also been documented by many a ghost hunter and a very friendly spirit with wandering hands where the ladies are concerned has manifested itself on many occasions these are just some the recorded paranormal activity recorded at The Mill Street Barracks in St. Helens.

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Ghost hunts @ Doncaster Air Museum With Simply Ghost Nights

Doncaster Air Museum

Join Simply Ghost Nights for a ghost hunting event at Doncaster Air Museum, we have witnessed the solid manifestation of a pilot ambling around the Main Hangar, and he as been glimpsed on numerous occasions to the shock of the ghost hunters who saw the mysterious, figure literally ghost past the hangar door.

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Simply Ghost Nights At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum

The National Emergency Services Museum

The museum is now home to many old fire engines and police memorabillia so it is no surprise with so many artifacts that some spirits may still be still attached to them. On a previous visit here a drinking glass was thrown onto the floor, not only once but twice, by unseen hands with nobody near the glass before it was thrown.

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Ghost Hunting At St. Catherine's with Simply Ghost Nights

St. Catherine's Hall

Join Simply Ghost Nights at St. Catherine's Hall in Doncaster for a ghost hunting event at this former asylum, school, hospital wards for infectious diseases, psychiatric hospital, mental institution and prior to that it was a private residence to the Banks family.

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Simply Ghost Nights @ Bolling Hall, Bradford

Bolling Hall

With parts of the building dating from the Medieval, Bolling Hall is a rambling mixture of styles with every nook and cranny packed with history. During the Civil War the household supported the Royalist cause, and the house provided a stronghold during the 'siege of Bradford'.

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Ghost hunt at Armley Mills with Simply Ghost Nights

Armley Mills

Ghost hunts in Armley Mills are not for the faint hearted, with tales of hardship and a life of misery for it's workers dare you join Simply Ghost Nights and attempt ghostly communication with the inhabitants on a ghost hunting event at Armley Mills. A ghost hunt at Armley Mills with Simply Ghost Nights is really like stepping back in time to a ghostly world of ghost hunting adventures. Will you dare to take part in a ghost hunt at Armley Mills. Ghost hunting at Armley Mills is not for the faint hearted with its long reaching dark corridors, and foreboding rooms with machinery in them. Armley mills can install fear and dread just walking around the building let alone attempting to communicate with the tortured souls who still inhabit Leeds Armley Mills.

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Ghost Hunting @ Ryecroft Hall, with Simply Ghost Nights

Ryecroft Hall

Ryecroft Hall in Manchester is an great testiment to area with this huge unspoilt Victorian house. Ryecroft Hall was built in 1849 by James Smith Buckley. The Buckleys were a family of wealthy cotton manufacturers who also owned other property in the area. The hall took several years to build and was opulently styled in a manner befitting a successful and affluent Victorian family. Many of the rooms still have their original wood panelling and stunning ornate ceilings. The property was inherited by various members of the Buckley family before being sold to businessman and local MP Austin Hopkinson.

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Ghost Hunts at Cannon Hall with Simply Ghost Nights

Cannon Hall

The earliest records show there was a house on the site in 1086, however little is known about it. Cannon Hall got its current name from the 13th century inhabitant Gilbert Canun. During the late 14th Century it was owned by the Bosville family of Ardsley, and it was during this time that the most violent event in its traceable history occurred.

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Penrhyn Old Hall Ghost Hunts With Simply Ghost Nights

Penrhyn Old Hall

A Monk is seen walking in the building, a young girl apparently haunts the stairway who it is said was murdered by her family. Intrigued by all of this, with many more ghostly tales this place will be an instant hit.

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Ghost Hunt @ Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Vagrants Block, With Simply Ghost Nights

Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Vagrants Block

Come and join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting event at Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Vagrants Block. Ghost hunt in the Vagrants cells, the Governors room or even the Morgue as we step back in time and take in the darkened atmosphere of the doom and gloom of the poor unfortunate former residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum & Orphanage.

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