Coxhoe Village Hall

Coxhoe Village Hall is built on the grounds of four former pit houses that were adapted and made suitable for the new purpose of becoming the original Village Hall in approximately 1910. This building was eventually pulled down and was replaced with the current Village Hall which was opened in 1938 and was called the Coxhoe Social And Literary Institute And Village Hall.

Events at Coxhoe Village Hall

Coxhoe Village Hall

Ghost Hunting @ Coxhoe Village Hall

Dare you ghost hunt at Coxhoe Village Hall and take part in a ghost hunt at Coxhoe Village Hall and attempt to communicate with the spirits that still reside at Coxhoe Village Hall on a ghost hunting event. On our previous investigation our guests experienced strange white lights manifest themselves and move across a darkened room then disappear without a trace. In the ballroom spirits communicated by copying the number of taps our guests did. We also had amazing spirit box communication as well as table and glass work too. . TO VIEW ALL EVENTS CLICK ON, VIEW ALL OUR EVENTS.


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Coxhoe Village Hall

Front St, East, ,
Coxhoe, Durham,
Durham, The North East, Cumbria And Teeside,
DH6 4DB.