Ghost Hunt @ R.A.F Binbrook, The Officer's Mess, With Simply Ghost Nights

R.A.F Binbrook, Officers Mess

R.A.F Binbrook was a Bomber Command station during World War II. After the war it was amongst others the home of the Central Fighter Establishment. The Royal Air Force base at Binbrook sits high in the Wolds with a commanding view over Lincolnshire it was established in 1940 and was in service for almost half a century - home to the legendary Lancaster Bombers right through to the Lightning jets.

The airbase opened despite being unfinished and soon became one of the biggest Wellington Bomber airbases in the country. Eventually it played host to probably its most famous guests the Royal Australian Air Force and the Lancaster Bombers.

The RAAF 460 squadron went on to fly more missions and drop more bombs than any other branch in Bomber Command - it also paid the price and tragically had some of the heaviest losses. Binbrook was used in recent years for filming part of the blockbuster Memphis Belle. We will be spending the whole night in the whole night in the Sergeants Mess where most of the activity occurs.

Ghost sightings include an officer in Full RAF uniform seen in one of the offices, who disappears as soon as he is seen. An Australian worker on RAF Binbrook base who blew himself up trying to sabotage a Lancaster bomber during World War Two. Two, a wartime Australian N.C.O armourer known as Clubfoot, who the tale has it had been injured by the carelessness of a pilot, and had sought revenge by attaching an explosive device to the pilot's Lancaster bomb-load, but had blown himself up in the process.

A man whose real name is Sergeant Sinclair, is said to be seen walking around on the perimeter road and his ghost was seen on the runway, arms waving wildly in the air. He is frequently seen limping along the perimeter track, or attempting to flag down vehicles. A man in uniform named locally as George who is seen frequently and the playful spirit of a young boy who often opens all the windows at night, hides keys, and turns lights on and off.

Participate in.
•Victorian Séances
•Table Tipping Experiments
•Ouija Boards
•Glass Divination

Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment such as K2 meters, Franks box, motion sensors, sound enhancers, infra red camera's, and much more as we search for ghostly communication from the other side.

Binbrook Hall is now Binbrook Centre Which is At The End Of Kent Road.

Events at R.A.F Binbrook, Officers Mess

R.A.F Binbrook, Officers Mess

Ghost Hunt Event @ R.A.F Binbrook, Officers Mess, Ghost Hunt Only

Ghost hunting at R.A.F Binbrook in the Officer's Mess are usually great ghost hunting nights, where we have experienced ghostly apparitions, incarnate voices on ghost hunts here, as well as great table and glass work on a ghost hunting event at R.A.F Binbrook The Officers Mess.


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R.A.F Binbrook, Officers Mess

Binbrook Hall, Brookenby,
Kent Road,
LN8 6ET.