Ghost Hunting @ Ryecroft Hall, with Simply Ghost Nights

Ryecroft Hall

Ryecroft Hall in Manchester is an great testiment to area with this huge unspoilt Victorian house. Ryecroft Hall was built in 1849 by James Smith Buckley. The Buckleys were a family of wealthy cotton manufacturers who also owned other property in the area. The hall took several years to build and was opulently styled in a manner befitting a successful and affluent Victorian family. Many of the rooms still have their original wood panelling and stunning ornate ceilings. The property was inherited by various members of the Buckley family before being sold to businessman and local MP Austin Hopkinson.

During the 1914-18 war Ryecroft Hall was used as a Red Cross hospital and communications centre and remnants of its use can still be observed in the cellar where the original signs are still visible on the old doors. In 1922 the house and grounds were given to the district of Audenshaw and it was used as a social and administrative centre. The property is now used by the local community for civil ceremonies, group meetings and social activities.

The hall has a well-known local reputation for being haunted and has been the scene of a abundance of ghost sightings and spooky occurrences. The cellars are a hive of activity and the main hall has more than its fair share of reported sightings. On one occasion during the festive season the staff were amazed to find after they had put up the tree and all the trimmings one day, they came into work the following day to find the trimmings all on the floor as if removed on purpose. Cigarettes stubs have been thrown down from a balcony when there is no one in the building apart from the security guard. A little girl has been seen many times on the staircase.

Ryecroft hall is used for many things now including many weddings that have been filmed for Coronation Street in the last few years.

Come and join us as we return to a firm favorite location of Stuart and Rosey and help us unravel just who and why these unsettled spirits refuse to move on.


Ryecroft Hall

Manchester Rd,
M34 5ZJ.