Ghost Hunting At St. Catherine's with Simply Ghost Nights

St. Catherine's Hall

St Catherine's Hall stands majestically, yet also dark and foreboding overlooking the countryside on the outskirts of Doncaster, The house itself was originally built for the Banks Family, and head of the family was Leeds Lord Mayor George Banks. George made his money from cloth and was so wealthy St Catherine's Hall was built as a country holiday retreat, and eventually his settlement home for him and his only daughter Georgiana.

Because Georgina was the last remaining Banks to carry on the name, George added a stipulation in his will that stated any husband she married would have to change his surname to Banks  and refusal to comply would result in the forfeit of Georgiana's inheritance.

She eventually married the Rev. Banks and were blessed with a very large family of 10 children, before they eventually relocated with their family to Scarborough and by the year 1887 both had sadly passed away.

On July 18th, 1928 the mansion went up for auction and was sold complete with all its contents. Some of the original furniture is still in the house today! after being in the Banks family for 90 years the house is now to take on a very different role. It is because of its obscured view from the public it was considered a perfect location for the last one hundred and forty years as Doncaster's Mental Asylum.

In 1933 the house became a schoolhouse for a short time. In 1845 a new mental hospital was opened and named as the St Catherine's Institution. In 1959 it changed its name to St Catheirne's Hospital. Quite apt really as its on the same site of a former isolation hospital and sanatorium, built between 1835 and 1843

The hospital also consisted of two children's wards, where infectious diseases were treated, a psychiatric unit, female chest unit and sanatorium, and male sanatorium, which was located slightly away from the other wards. The original kitchen is still in use, as is the nurses' building. In the earliest days as an isolation, or 'fever', hospital, the porters had to post a daily information bulletin on the perimeter fence to give details of patients' conditions and of any deaths. Doncaster went on to use St Catheirne's Hospital over 100 years and in that time saw many deaths at the old building.

The staff informed us there are parts of this building that some staff refuse to enter alone in the day, never mind at night! With so much history to this building Simply Ghost Nights are thrilled to be given such an opportunity o investigate this beautiful building. Dare you join us? 


St. Catherine's Hall

Tickhill Rd,
South Yorkshire,
DN4 8QP.