Simply Ghost Nights At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum

The National Emergency Services Museum

Come and join Simply Ghost Nights on a very exciting paranormal investigation, at Sheffield's most The National Emergency Services Museum

The museum is now home to many old fire engines and police memorabillia so it is no surprise with so many artifacts that some spirits may still be still attached to them.

Artifacts housed here include items from the devastation of the twin towers in New York.

The most famous spirit residing at this amazing haunted place, is that of a former prisoner called Cain, on most ghost hunts Cain usually enjoys communicating with the living but he is known to have a more sinister side. On many occasions he has been known to throw the glass breaking it, during glass divination experiments on some ghost hunting nights.He is renowned for making his presence felt, especially to women, he makes it quite obvious he resents anyone daring to enter his cell.

There is also the reports of an alleged demon... which has been spotted lurking in recent years sending chills through the visitors and staff alike.

Join the simply ghost night team for an all night of ghost hunting experience in Sheffield. So if you want to simply be a ghost hunter for the night, come and join the simply ghost night team.


The National Emergency Services Museum

Old Police/ Fire Station,
West Bar,
South Yorkshire,
S3 8PT.