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Simply Ghost Nights provide Ghost Hunts, Ghost Hunting Events, Ghost Tours, Ghost Hunting Sleepovers and Ghost Hunting Suppers for Private Parties, Corporate Events, Hen Nights as well, for a professional and organised Overnight Ghost Hunting events then try a Simply Ghost Night. 

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Bradford Police Museum

Ghost Hunt @ Bradford Police Museum

Dare you participate on a ghost hunting event at the Bradford Police Museum. With many ghostly occurrences taken down and noted in the past such as, cold spots, mechanical objects turning on and working themselves, rapping/banging on walls on request, unexplained incarnate voices heard in empty areas. All this makes a ghost hunt at the Bradford Police Museum a chilling night to remember. One of the most famous spirits believed to roam the building is that of "Chains Charlie", who was a former prisoner who had been tortured before being executed for murder?


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Ghost Hunting At Ripon Workhouse & orphanage Museum, Simply Ghost Nights
Ripon Workhouse Museum

Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum

Come and join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting event at Ripon workhouse Museum as we step back in time and take in the darkened atmosphere of the doom and gloom of the poor unfortunate former residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum.


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York Dungeons

Ghost Hunting Events @ York Dungeons

Join Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting at the York Dungeons if you dare, this building is steeped in history, built on the grounds of a Friary of the Order of Franciscans, or Greyfriars monks from the Monastery. A ghost hunt at the York Dungeons is like going back over two thousand years dare you participate in a ghost hunting event at this world famous attraction.


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Ghost Hunts @ Cannon Hall With Simply Ghost Nights
Cannon Hall

Ghost Hunts @ Cannon Hall

Ghost hunting events at Cannon Hall in Barnsley are only for the intrepid ghost hunter, with apparitions of a maid and a child been spotted. Ghost hunts at Cannon Hall can be active with table tipping and the Ouija boards. dare you take part in a ghost hunting event at Cannon Hall.


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The Niddry Street Vaults
Niddry Street Vaults

Ghost Hunting @ The Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh

Ghost hunt in Edinburgh on a ghost hunting event with Simply Ghost Nights, we begin the night with a one and a half hour terror tour of Edinburgh, after the terror tour we begin the paranormal investigation of The Niddry Street Vaults.


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The Old Funeral Parlour, Hull
The Former Funeral Parlour Hull

Ghost Hunts @ The Old Funeral Parlour, Hull

The Annison building has the look of the Amityville House of Horrors, so hopefully we will find strange and wonderful things there, Simply Ghost Nights are thrilled to be able to bring this location to our database.


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