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Simply Ghost Nights provide Ghost Hunts, Ghost Hunting Events, Ghost Hunting Sleepovers and Ghost Hunting Suppers for Private Parties, Corporate Events, Hen Nights as well, for a professional and organised Overnight Ghost Hunting events then try a Simply Ghost Night. 

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The Niddry Street Vaults
Niddry Street Vaults

Ghost Hunting @ The Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh

Ghost hunt in Edinburgh on a ghost hunting event with Simply Ghost Nights, we begin the night with a one and a half hour terror tour of Edinburgh, after the terror tour we begin the paranormal investigation of The Niddry Street Vaults.


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Ghost Hunting @ Penrhyn Old Hall with Simply Ghost Nights
Penrhyn Old Hall

Ghost Hunting @ Penrhyn Old Hall

A Monk is seen walking in the building, a young girl apparently haunts the stairway who it is said was murdered by her family. Intrigued by all of this, with many more ghostly tales this place will be an instant hit.


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Ghost Hunting at Revesby Abbey with Simply Ghost Nights
Revesby Abbey

Ghost Hunting @ Revesby Abbey

Join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting event at Revesby Abbey as we investigate the lower parts of this foreboding derelict building on a ghost hunt at Revesby Abbey. On a ghost hunt at Revesby Abbey it is said that the basements are a hive for activity as it is thought this would have been the same level as the original Abbey and where most of the sightings of Monks appear.


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Ghost Hunting At Ripon Workhouse & orphanage Museum, Simply Ghost Nights
Ripon Workhouse Museum

Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum

Come and join Simply Ghost Nights into a whole different world. Ripon Museum is a very active location with the morgue, nurses area, school room, and bedroom area and more areas to investigate. Step back in time and take in the atmosphere of the doom and gloom the poor unfortunate residents of the workhouse would have felt from the moment they stepped through the door.


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The Mill Street Barracks
Mill Street Barracks

Ghost Hunting @ The Mill Street Barracks, St. Helens, Near Liverpool, 2nd July

Built in 1861 Mill Street Barracks in St. Helens near Liverpool is steeped in military history as well as local history. It has accommodated many branches of the armed forces throughout its life involving numerous wars. Like many other barracks it has also been used as a morgue during several world wars.


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Ghost Hunting @ Stanley Palace, Chester, With Simply Ghost Nights
Stanley Palace

Ghost Hunting @ Stanley Palace, Chester

One of the most reported paranormal occurrences at Stanley Palace is the figure of a hooded man walking around the older parts of the building, witnesses have proclaimed that the figure is that of one of the Dominican Friars still roaming the building.


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