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Gresley Old Hall

Ghost Hunting @ Gresley Old Hall

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The main building of Gresley Old Hall is  to have been built around 1556 for Sir Christopher Alleyn who had been a Mayor of London and some of the material is believed to have been salvaged from what was left of the Gresley Priory that stood on the same land which was built around the 11th century.

A chimney stack is the only surviving part of the building from the 16th century however many of the original features from the Victorian times still remain from when it was a tenanted farm. There is also some graffiti found on some old plaster with the inscription S.A. I.H. 1710, the theory is that it was from the builders who renovated the building in 1710.
Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley built a China factory which included kilns kilns in 1795 on the land however this venture proved to be unsuccessful. Then in the 1890's it became a tenanted farm for many families who worked on the land.
There is talk of a maid who tragically died in a fire while looking after children of one of the farmers and the room then was boarded up, people have complained of feeling like their face is on fire in this room of the house especially near the landing. The spirit of a little girl is said to have been seen at Gresley Old Hall could this be the spirit of one of the children who perished in the fire still residing at the Old Hall. 


Where & When

Fri 19 May, 19:00 Until 00:00

Gresley Old Hall

Gresley Wood Road, ,
Swadlincote, Derbyshire,
DE11 9QW.