Ghost Hunting @ The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre & Police Museum
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The Old Nick Theatre

Ghost Hunting @ The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre & Police Museum

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Join Simply Ghost Nights and be detained for a ghost hunting event at The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, this former Police station and now Theatre will be your home for the night as we investigate recent reports of paranormal activity.

With over twenty unexplained deaths on these premises. Dare you investigate the eerie cells, corridors, officers rooms and theatre on a ghost hunting investigation at the Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre & Former Police Station 

Be part of the team and together we can all solve the mystery at The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, 'Of what went bump in the Night'.

On our last ghost hunting event here one startled ghost hunter screamed in terror as she felt unseen hands grab at her hair. Also strange phenomena has been reported for many years by its visitors, cold hands have been felt on unsuspecting customers. We have also heard unexplained banging and tapping from within the main theatre room in which we were holding our séances.

We have also witnessed light analomies in the theatre room as well and some ghost hunters have claimed that they could hear the theatre seats moving up and down.
Where & When

Sat 16 May, 21:00 Until 02:00

The Old Nick Theatre

31 Spring Gardens,
DN21 2AY.