Ghost Hunting & ghost Hunt @ The Anzio Army Camp, With Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting @ The Anzio Army Camp

Go ghost hunting at a unique and intriguing location in North Staffordshire the Anzio Army Camp is an ideal location for a ghost hunting event and has all the ingredients of a fantastic ghost hunt at the Anzio Army Camp.

The dark and remote landscape of the Staffordshire Moorlands has a long tradition of ghostly goings on. There is an abundance of tales of the supernatural. One of the most popular is that of the headless horseman who races across the desolate landscape, another is the story of the mermaid who lures unsuspecting travellers to a watery grave at a nearby pool from Anzio. So popular is this myth that the local pub – the Mermaid Inn at Morridge – takes its name from the legend.

Originally built in 1943 as a transit camp for United States Army anti-aircraft battalions, in 1946 Anzio Camp was taken over by Polish troops from Italy and other Polish troops arrived later.  After the war Anzio camp continued as a Polish civilian settlement until 1964 when those living there were rehoused elsewhere.  

In the early 1980's the site was cleared and in 1983 Anzio Camp was opened there as a training camp for use by the regular army, the TA and scouts. Finally closing in 2004 the Anzio Camp is huge, with many areas to explore and investigate, there have been many reports of shadow people lurking, the constant feeling of being watched and eager spirits desperate to make their presence known to all wary investigators! 

But what of the land? There have been many sightings of supernatural dogs in the area, most centering around a big black dog called a 'boggart.' Sightings of the spectral dogs are strongest on the moorlands of the Peak District, land that is occupied by Anzio Camp, and tales of the Kinder Boggart terrify walkers. It's not hard to imagine how scared you would feel lost on the moors up there when thick fog descends and a figure on all fours is seen approaching!!


Anzio Army Camp

Blackshaw Moor, Nr Leek,
Staffordshire, West Midlands,
West Midlands,
ST13 8TL.